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International Medical Center

International Medical Center


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Medical  Services : Our team of coordinators will promote all aspects of medical care, ensuring the best quality, safe services and provide assistance to all international patients at Sikarin hospital.

  • JCI Accreditation – is considered the Gold Standard in Global Health Care.
  • Doctors – are certified physicians who are well trained in various sub specialties and highly experienced to care for international patients.
  • Care Process Assistance – Our medical coordinator and nurse coordinator are always ready to provide assistance to make sure that the care process is performed up to the international standard from the beginning of care until completion of care. 
  • Treatment Inquiry and Appointment – International patients from Thailand or overseas can send us request or inquiry regarding our service and treatment.



International Patient Assistance Service: Our non-medical coordinator will assist all international patients to make sure that all patients both living in Thailand and from overseas can have a stress-free journey when travelling for treatment at Sikarin Hospital.

  • Interpreters – We have language support team who are well serve in several languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, French, Burmese, Cambodian and Bengali. The team intends to assist all aspects of language communication to facilitate effective communication between patients and medical practitioners thereby promoting excellent treatment results.
  • Accommodation – We have international ward with private rooms and English speaking nurses. 
  • Transportation– We offer free transportation from airport or hotel to hospital for all patients who travel from overseas to receive treatment at Sikarin.
  • Visa Extension – Our coordinators will provide assistant whenever the patients need to extend their visas according to their medical need.
  • International Insurance – Our international patients who prefer to use insurance for medical expenses can communicate with our International insurance team to help them coordinate with the insurance company for all insurance policy holders.
  • Long stay in Thailand – We suggest hotels which offer special rate nearby that patient can book by themselves where they can stay after hospital admission until departure date. These hotels are also near the malls




Our facilities: 

  • International lounge at 2nd floor of 3rd building where patients can rest while waiting for consultation, admission or the results of the test.
  • Muslim Prayer Room 
  • Food and Beverage
  • Breastfeeding Room
  • WIFI
  • ATM Machine



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  • We work together with your insurance companies :


Schedule International Medical Center

Sunday/อาทิตย์ 08:00-20:00
Monday/จันทร์ 08:00-20:00
Tuesday/อังคาร 08:00-20:00
Wednesday/พุธ 08:00-20:00
Thursday/พฤหัสบดี 08:00-20:00
Friday/ศุกร์ 08:00-20:00
Saturday/เสาร์ 08:00-20:00